Infrastructural Facilities

  1. Class Rooms

The classrooms or learning centers provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussion. The classrooms are designed as auditoriums with step-up seating to facilitate discussions and to promote maximum interface between the faculty members and the students. They are equipped with state of-the-art facilities like projectors and audio-visual systems.


  1. Multipurpose Hall

The multipurpose hall in the college is well furnished with the seating capacity of 200 students and a projector for presentations, Guest lectures and video conferencing.


  1. Library

Library has a modern collection of books and periodicals. It is a hub for all academic activities and the students can also use it as a place for quit-self-study. The wide array of books, Journals and materials meet the information needs of the academic community of the institute. It has sufficient volumes of books and subscribes to over various national and international journals besides magazines, newspapers, periodicals, reference books and online journals.


  1. ICT Resource Center

The computer centre has advanced computing facilities to provide unbridled free 24×7 internet access to all the students round the year. The computers are of advanced configuration and latest software’s are available to provide holistic IT training facilities.

The entire campus is interconnected with internet & intranet with broadband connection. The multimedia ready computers, operating in Wi-Fi campus, provide a wonderful back end support to the students and teachers in extending the best quality learning and teaching environments.

  1. Science Lab

The College has well equipped laboratories of Science and Mathematics where students can carry equipments and can do demonstrations.

  1. Psychology Lab

The psychology laboratory is essential to maintain the quality and standard o f the teachers training program at any level. The college has well equipped psychology laboratory with a large number of apparatus and tests on various aspects of psychology such a child’s socio-economic, intellectual, personality and behavior dimensions.

  1. Art & Craft Lab
  2. Music Lab
  3. Reading Room
  4. Multipurpose Playfield.

A sound mind rest in sound body. The students are provided indoor and outdoor games and sports facilities. The college has a big play ground to facilitate the joyful learning in a stress free environment.

  1. Health &Physical Resource Center.
  2. Principal’s Office
  3. Staff Rooms
  4. Administrative Office
  5. Visitor Room
  6. Separate Common Room for male & female Students.
  7. Seminar Room
  8. Canteen
  9. Separate Toilet facility for male & female students
  10. Separate Toilet facility for staff
  11. Separate Toilet facility for differently abled persons.
  12. Parking Space

Parking area is available for faculty, students and visitors inside the campus.

  1. Open Space for Additional Accommodation.
  2. Store Room
  3. Medical facility.